Clinics/Services We Offer

a stethoscope

As well as general medical consultations we offer a range of clinics and services as listed below. Our receptionists will be happy to advise you on any of them.

  • Asthma / COPD Clinic - We are moving annual reviews to the birth month and we encourage everyone to attend a check up once a year

  • Baby Immunisations – you will be contacted when these are due.  If you have any queries please ask your Health Visitor
  • Blood Pressure – our phlebotomist or any of the nurses can take your blood pressure or you can give us your home blood pressure readings

  • Bloods Tests – with our phlebotomist or a nurse.  Please check online or call our receptionists at least a week after for your test results

  • Diabetic Clinic – We are moving annual reviews to the birth month and you will be invited to an HCA diabetic annual review appointment (30 mins) to have your blood test, blood pressure, foot check and lifestyle discussions.  You will be asked to provide an early morning urine sample which will be sent to the lab to check your kidney function. Once the blood results are back and checked you may be booked a telephone appointment to discuss the results and diabetic management with either Dr Wood or Nurse Caroline
  • ECG’s – carried out by the practice nurses

  • Ear Syringing

  • Family Planning – routine pill checks, depot-injection and general contraception advice can be given by nurses.  Coils and implants can also be fitted by Dr Clarke

  • Flu Vaccinations – special clinics are run on a yearly basis for those at risk

  • Microsuction (ears) - Dr Rubenstein carries out this service, check with Reception to see if you meet the criteria

  • Minor Operations – Dr Belle carries out minor operations once a month. Please book via a doctor

  • NHS Health Check - carried out by our HCAs book with Reception. The NHS Health Check is for patients aged 40-74.  It is a face to face appointment with one of our HCAs to check your weight, height, pulse, discuss family medical history, diet, sugar/cholestorol (finger prick test), heart health around cholesterol and your 10 year risk score for a cardio/vascular event, click here for more information

  • Skin Clinic – Cryotherapy is used in the treatment of warts, verrucas and some other skin lesions

  • Smears – we carry out regular smears for women between the ages of 25-65.  Please wait until you receive your invitation letter before booking

  • Smoking Cessation